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Wives’ Program

The West Virginia School of Preaching is now offering a formalized program for students’ wives.  The program will have two components:


1) There will be three classes from the regular curriculum in which wives join their husbands in class:

            Quarter 1:  Life of Christ

            Quarter 2:  Marriage and Family

            Quarter 7:  Homiletics IV (Work of a Preacher)


2) In addition, there will be one class per quarter taught by preachers’ wives (Thus, in quarters 1, 3, and 7, the wives will have two classes).  Whereas each year brings a different set of circumstances regarding students’ wives’ schedules, each instructor for this second category of classes will work with the students’ wives to find the best time for the class.  These classes will include:


            Quarter 1:  Personal Spiritual Growth—A Study of 1 John

            Quarter 2:  Book of James

Quarter 3:  Evangelistic Women

Quarter 4:  Women of the Bible

Quarter 5:  Loving Your Husband

Quarter 6:  Public Speaking

Quarter 7:  Teaching Methods

Quarter 8:  Practical Advice from Preachers’ Wives