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Several of our alumni have continued to participate in the work of the West Virginia School of Preaching long after they have graduated. They have been a large part of the success we have had since our foundation. All of the various ways the alumni have fellowshipped with us in this good work cannot be enumerated here but these are just a few ways they have continued to help. First, they have done a remarkable job helping us recruit some of our finest students. Without our alumni actively looking for prospective students our enrollment would suffer. Second, they willingly write articles for our school newspaper, Publishing Peace. Third, they often return to speak at our chapel services to encourage our current students. If you are a graduate of WVSOP and are looking for ways to get involved in the efforts of the school please contact us. We would love to continue to work with you.  

Stephen Harr
Stephen Harr is a West Virginia School of Preaching Alumn. He currently serves as the school's Advertising and Recruiting Director

Alphabetical Listing of Alumni

William Hughie Aleshire
Pete Allinder

Joshua Ball
Michael Barclay
Robert Barcroft
James Barnette
Joey Barrett
Andrew F. Beasley
Ed Benesh
Jonathan Bennett
Adam Blaney
Aaron Burch

Tim Canup
Brian Carter
Kriss Cecil-Crihfield
Greg Circle
Peter Ray Cole
Jason Collett
Mathias Collins
Caleb Shane Conley
Ryan Curry

Scott Davis
Chris Deagel
David Deagel
Derrick Dodd

E Perry Erb F Brandon Foresha Michael Foresha G Jack Gilchrist D. Fred Goddard Zachary Guiler H Stephen G. Harr Joshua Hetrick Jason Hoeflich Drake Hofgren Paul Hoover Larry Huggins J Gavin James Robert Jennings II Scott Judge K John Keith Rick Kelley Daniel J. Kessinger L David Lambert Robert Leedy Matthew Lewis


Preston Mackell
Jamie Mahaney
Jeremy Main
Will Marmet
Paul Marty
Collin Matheny
Craig Matheny
Kevin Maul
Charles Nathan Mayes
Scott McKeever
Caleb D. McAnulty
Joshua McAnulty
A.J. McPherson
Ed Melott
Hunter N. Melott
Dan Mitchell
George N. Murphy

Rodney Nulph

John O’Dell
Justin Odom

Dale Parsley
Edward Partain II
Jesse Phillips
Michael Phillips
Neil Prokop


Brian Reardon
Jason Ridgeway
Rich Robinson
Melvin Rogers

Dennis Sargent
Don Schuler
Aaron Seiler
Hayden Sherrell
Charlie Snodgrass
Jefferson Sole
Van Sprague
Marcus Stenson
Henry Stewart

Mark Tabata
Luke Taylor
Matt Thomas
Shawn Traster
Jeff Tucker
Steven Turner

Mark Weaver
Terry West
Joe Wilson
Jeff Wyeth

Jeremy Young