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Evening/Online Classes

Evening/Online Class Announcement

Acts 1-14


The new evening/online class for WVSOP is set to begin in April!  Here are the details: 

Monday evenings, 6:30-8:30 p.m., April 6-June 8, 2020.

The Subject:  Acts 1-14. 

The Teacher:  Andy Robison

Availability:  The class is open to all.  It is not just for preachers, although the primary aim will be some depth from which “tent-making” preachers may benefit. 

Two Avenues:  The class may be taken…

On-site:      Classes will be held at the West Virginia School of Preaching facility in Moundsville, WV. 

Online:      Those who take it online will have a streaming link sent to them early in the day of the class.  They can then click on it to open access the class as it occurs. 

      Those who might be busy at that time can later access the recorded class on the WVSOP YouTube channel with the same link. 


A class syllabus and requirements will be sent after signing up for the class.


To sign up for class, e-mail your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to our Andy Robison at  (watch the spelling, please.  R-O-B-I-S-O-N)


There is no charge for class.  The West Virginia School of Preaching operates solely on donations from individuals and congregations of the church.  Donations are welcome at any time. 


A certificate of completion for the class will be issued upon completing the class with a satisfactory grade.  As we build the evening/online program, a separate certificate will be provided for each class. These classes are different in nature, scope, and time, and therefore will not transfer to the full-time program. 


Should a student ever enter our full-time program, this class will serve as a half-credit.  If one also takes the online class (time TBA) on Acts 15-28, the two together will suffice for the Acts class credit. 


Call or e-mail Andy Robison any time with questions.  304-845-8001.