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1. Perform a Self-Evaluation

First, an individual must perform a self-evaluation. The self-evaluation is the most important step in the enrollment process. A prospective student must determine if he is prepared physically, emotionally and morally to enroll at the West Virginia School of Preaching. Long hours inside and outside the classroom bring various pressures such as examinations, papers and preaching appointments which necessitates that one is both physically and emotionally healthy. In addition, one must be morally sound. Men who are mature (1 Tim. 4:12), humble (Rom. 12:3), well-kept (1 Tim. 2:9-10) and focused on spiritual growth (Phil. 3:13) will make good students.

2. Apply

Any prospective student must submit an application. The application consists of various questions that help us determine who you are, and whether you qualify for admission to the program.  Along with the application please provide a copy of your transcript of highest education level.

3. Schedule an Interview with the Elders of the Hillview Terrace Church of Christ

An individual must schedule an interview with the elders of the Hillview Terrace Church of Christ. Interviews may be scheduled for the first Saturday of the month or, due to a special circumstance, on an alternate date. The purpose of the interview is to further evaluate the prospective student, as well as to answer questions the prospective student may regarding enrollment at the school. The student’s budget as well as a list of their current financial supporters and prospective financial supporters should be brought to this meeting. To be favorably considered for admission to the West Virginia School of Preaching, each student must evidence spritual and emotional maturity. The prospective student’s wife also must be a faithful Christian and equally committed to her husband’s decision to prepare for a preaching ministry.

4. Correspondence Letter

A letter of acceptance or rejection will be mailed to the student sometime after his interview with the elders. The letter will inform the prospective student whether he has been admitted into the West Virginia School of Preaching.


The West Virginia School of Preaching welcomes applicants of any race, color, age and ethnic background. Successful applicants will be faithful and active members of biblically sound congregations among the churches of Christ.

Policy: All applicants to the WVSOP shall be interviewed prior to acceptance. Interviews shall be conducted by the Director and a minimum of two Elders and shall take place on the first Saturday of each month. Applications shall have been received no later than 10 business days prior to the interview. All references shall have been contacted in advance of the interview. Upon confirmation of all references having been interviewed, the Director shall notify the applicant and the Elders of the time and date of the interview.