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Transferring and Foreign Students

Transferring and Foreign Students

Transferring Students

Each application for transfer from another school of preaching or college will be carefully reviewed. West Virginia School of Preaching reserves the right to deny admission to applicants who have been dismissed from other schools.

Otherwise, an applicant’s academic performance and course compatibility with WVSOP courses will be considered for admission.

Foreign Students

West Virginia School of Preaching does not ordinarily enroll foreign students for the following reasons: (1) Foreign students whose first language is not English are greatly disadvantaged due to the large amount of reading necessary in WVSOP’s accelerated program. (2) Several schools outside the United States, often on the same continent or in the country of a prospective foreign student, are available for preacher preparation. (3) Frequently, foreign students who attend American schools are reluctant to return to their native lands, thus annulling one of their often stated purposes for preparing themselves to preach the Gospel. (4) The methods of evangelism and preaching learned in our American schools are often counterproductive for the foreign student to adequately communicate the Gospel to his native people.