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Student Life

Student Life

The life of a student at the West Virginia School of Preaching is rigorous but rewarding. The rigors of student life at the WVSOP are present for the obvious reasons. Classroom hours are long and out of class work is abundant.   Yet students at the WVSOP receive tremendous rewards as well.

    • First, lifelong friendships are developed. As you would expect, closeness is developed among students who labor together through the demands of a daunting curriculum.
    • Second, the fellowship enjoyed among students and members at the Hillview Terrace church of Christ is rewarding. Many members welcome students into their homes for recreation, meals and encouragement.
    • Third, the spiritual rewards are bountiful. Students, as WVSOP classlikeminded Christians, come together to worship and intensely study the Scripture. This benefits the student with rapid spiritual growth that is, otherwise, rarely accomplished. 


Several of our alumni have continued to participate in the work of the West Virginia School of Preaching long after they have graduated. They have been a large part of the success we have had since our foundation.



We are fortunate at the West Virginia School of Preaching to have an exceptional faculty and top-notch campus facilities. Our campus consists of the school building, dormitory, and place of worship.


student support

The West Virginia School of Preaching is overjoyed to be able to offer a tuition-free education. However, we do require our students to submit a reasonable budget and raise the majority of their funds before enrolling.


Surrounding area

Moundsville, West Virginia is located in Marshall County which is considered part of what many call the Ohio Valley. It is a small town, located on the Ohio River, consisting of roughly 10,000 residents.