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2022 Sunday Sermon

January 02 am Andy Robison John 3:3-5 “Identifying the church...Its Entrance”
January 02 pm Andy Robson 1 Corinthians 1:27 Sermon
January 09 am Andy Robison Acts 14:23 “Identifying the Church--Its Structure”
January 09 pm Andy Robson James 1:6 “Trials and Wisdom”
January 16 am Andy Robison Ephesians 1:7 “Identifying the church...Its Purpose”
January 16 pm Andy Robson James 1:26Sermon
January 23 am Stephen Harr Deuteronomy 6:4-6“Dedication”
January 23 pm Stephen Harr 1 Peter 3:8-9 “The Proper Christian Response”
January 30 am Andy Robison Luke 24:46-47“Identifying the Church--Work”
January 30 pm Andy Robison 1 Thessalonians 1:8-10 “Idols”
February 06 am Andy Robison Hebrews 7:14“Identifying the Church—its Worship”
February 06 pm Andy Robison 1 Thessalonians 1:2-4 “Understanding the Elect”
February 13 am Stephen Harr Jeremiah 7:1-3“Amend Your Ways”
February 13 pm Stephen Harr Acts 9:31 “A Snapshot of the 1st Century Church”
February 20 am Andy Robison James 1:27“Doers of the Word”
February 20 pm Andy Robison I Thessalonians 4:16Unavailable - We apologize for any inconvenience
February 27 am Andy Robison I Thessalonians 5:1-2“Loving His Appearing”
February 27 pm Andy Robison James 2:1 “Favoritism”
March 06 am Andy Robison James 2:14-26“Faith and Works”
March 06 pm Andy Robison Psalm 8 “Glory above the Heavens”
March 13 am Andy Robison James 3:1“Teachers and Stricter Judgment”
March 13 pm Andy Robison James 4:1“Wars and Fights”
March 20 Bible Study Peter Ray Cole II Chronicles 7 “When Temptation Takes Over”
March 20 am Peter Ray Cole Matthew 26:14-16 “When Choices Have Big Consequences”
March 20 pm Peter Ray Cole Matthew 6:14-15 “When Our Hearts Become Hardened”
March 21 pm Peter Ray Cole Genesis 2:24-25 “When The Wheels Fall Off”
March 22 pm Peter Ray Cole Matthew 6 “When Life Is Too Much”
March 23 pm Peter Ray Cole Psalm 51 “When The Dark Days Come”
March 24 pm Peter Ray Cole Matthew 5 “When Truth Is Not Valued”
March 25 pm Peter Ray Cole Matthew 18 “When Kindness Is Not Found”
March 27 am Andy Robison James 4:6 Sermon
March 27 pm Andy Robison James 4:11-17 Sermon
APRIL 2022Sermons
April 03 am Stephen Harr II Peter 1:1-3 Sermon
April 03 pm Stephen Harr II Peter 1:11-12 Sermon
April 10 am Andy Robison James 4:13-5:12 “Rich and Oppressed”
April 10 pm Andy Robison James 5:13-20 “What to do When Oppressed”
April 17 am Andy Robison II Timothy 1:8-18 “Testimony of the Lord”
April 17 pm Andy Robison II Timothy 2:1-13 “Commit to Faithful Men”
April 24 am Stephen Harr II Peter 2:1-2 “False Teachers and Prophets”
April 24 pm Stephen Harr II Peter 3:17-18 “Sermon”
MAY 2022Sermons
May 01 am Andy Robison II Timothy 2-14 Sermon
May 01 pm Stephen Harr II Timothy 3:6-7 Sermon
May 08 am Andy Robison II Timothy 3:10-17 “Remember”
May 08 pm Andy Robison II Timothy 4:1-15 “Be Watchful”
May 15 am Andy Robison II Timothy 4:6-22 “Be Anticipating”
May 15 pm Andy Robison John 14:3 “Heaven”
May 22 am Andy Robison John 4:13-14 “Necessities”
May 22 pm Andy Robison I Sam. 12:24 “Fear and God's Strength”
May 29 am Andy Robison Revelation 2:8-11 “The Church at Smyrna”
May 29 pm Andy Robison II Corinthians 4:1-15 “Defense of Paul's Ministry”
JUNE 2022Sermons
June 05 am Andy Robison Luke 5:7-8 Sermon
June 06 pm Andy Robison Ezra 3:12 Sermon
VBSTheme: The Flood
June 06 pm Terry Jones “The World”
June 07 pm Rod Goddard “The Man”
June 08 pm Stephen Harr “The Ark”
June 09 pm John Keith “The Animals”
June 10 pm David Deagel “The Flood”
JUNE 2022 continuedSermons
June 12 am Andy Robison Luke 22:61-62 “Eyes on Jesus”
June 12 pm Andy Robison Ezra 4-5 “Rebuilding in Persecution”
June 19 am Andy Robison John 21:3 Sermon
June 19 pm Andy Robison Ezra 5:11 Sermon
June 26 am Andy Robison Psalm 51:10 Sermon
June 26 pm Andy Robison Ezra 7:10 Sermon
July 03 am Stephen Harr Psalm 119:1-4 Sermon
July 03 pm Stephen Harr Psalm 25:1-2 Sermon
July 10 am Andy Robison Romans 5:6-8 Sermon
July 10 pm Andy Robison Ezra 9 Sermon
July 17 am Andy Robison I Peter 1:13-16 Sermon
July 17 pm Andy Robison Nehemiah 1:4 Sermon
July 24 am Andy Robison Nehemiah 2-4 Sermon
July 24 pm Andy Robison Nehemiah 5-6 Sermon
July 31 am Andy Robison Nehemiah Sermon
July 31 pm Andy Robison Nehemiah Sermon
August 07 am Andy Robison Nehemiah Sermon
August 07 pm Andy Robison Nehemiah Sermon
August 14 am Andy Robison Acts 9:31 Sermon
August 14 pm Andy Robison Esther 4:14 Sermon
August 21 am Andy Robison Jude 3 Sermon
August 21 pm Andy Robison Esther 1:12 Sermon
August 28 am Andy Robison Job 14:1 Sermon
August 28 pm Andy Robison Proverbs 16:18-19 Sermon
September 04 am Andy Robison 1 Corinthians 11:17-18 Sermon
September 04 pm Andy Robison Philippians 4:9 Sermon
September 11 am Andy Robison John 17:14 Sermon
September 11 pm Andy Robison Luke 5:12 Sermon
September 18 am Andy Robison Luke 17:10 Sermon
September 18 pm Andy Robison 1 Corinthians 14:15 Sermon
September 25 am Andy Robison Matthew 25:46 Sermon
September 25 pm Andy Robison John 17:1-2 Sermon
October 02 am Andy Robison Luke 5:18-20 Sermon
October 02 pm Andy Robison Romans 3:10-12 Sermon
October 09 am Andy Robison Hebrews 2:9 Sermon
October 09 pm Andy Robison II Thessalonians 2:13-14 Sermon
October 16 am Andy Robison Luke 5:27-28 Sermon
October 16 pm Andy Robison Luke 5:33-39 Sermon
2022 WVSOP Victory LecturesI & II Timothy and Titus: Preach the Word!
October 30 am Andy Robison II Peter 1:8-9 Sermon
October 30 pm Andy Robison II Corinthians 4:7 Sermon
November 07 am Andy Robison II Corinthians 11:14-15 Sermon
November 07 pm Andy Robison Jeremiah 6:16 Sermon
November 13 am Andy Robison I Corinthians 4:15 “May I Call You Father?”
November 13 pm Andy Robison Psalm 82:2-4 Sermon
November 20 am Stephen Harr I John 1:5 Sermon
November 20 pm Stephen Harr I Samuel 25:1 Sermon
November 27 am Stephen Harr John 1:1-4 “Sermon”
November 27 pm Stephen Harr I King 2:10-12 “Sermon”
December 04 am Andy Robison 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Sermon
December 04 pm Andy Robison I Corinthians 13:1 Sermon
December 11 am Andy Robison Psalms 127:1 Sermon
December 11 pm Andy Robison John 1:1-3 Sermon
December 18 am Andy Robison Psalms 127:2 Sermon
December 18 pm Andy Robison Galatians 1:3-5 Sermon
December 25 am Andy Robison Acts 10:36-38 Sermon
December 25 pm Andy Robison Psalm 2:7-9 Sermon